• Wrote & directed JANE FONDA’s WAR, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, 2014
    Wrote & Produced JANE FONDA’s WAR at The Park Theatre in London, directed by Joe Harmston, nominated Best New Play, 2016

  • Wrote & directed THE VAGINAL LOCK, the Skylight Theater, Los Angeles, Ca., 2012
  • Wrote & directed TEN ONE ACTS over TWO NIGHTS at The Acting Center, Hollywood, Ca., 2010

With Lien and Quoc (Fonda’s guides/interpreters) in Hanoi

Jane Fonda’s War

“Jastrow speaks a language we all understand when, on the one hand he lines up the vets, angry and bewildered at the lack of appreciation for the sacrifices they made, and on the other he gives us Fonda, equally outraged by a brutal foreign policy.”

– Variety

Terry researching Fonda story in Hanoi Vietnam with Madame Chi

Researching Fonda story on Hanoi Vietnam with Madame Chi

“I’d like to argue that this piece of performance art is temporally appropriate because of the many parallels one could draw between Jane’s war in the 60s and 70s, our current war that seems to have no end in sight.

As Jastrow’s motivation behind writing about Vietnam proves, our inherent feelings of social responsibility don’t dissipate over the years. So whatever you think you need to do, whether it’s: join the protests, write your congressperson, go see a play about Jane Fonda, don’t be afraid to take charge. Don’t be afraid to be a part of the change. Only we can make it happen.”

– The Huffington Post



“Ninety-five minutes of powder keg drama …  Explosive performances from a cast of seven makes Jane Fonda’s War a compelling, thought-provoking and thrilling drama.”

– Stage Review, London

“Terry Jastrow’s eloquent and compelling Jane Fonda’s War … skillfully integrating news clips with the action … expertly animated play.

– Sunday Express

“‘A fascinating play, with a tour de force performance … Informative and compelling.”

– London Theatre 1

” … A fascinating subject matter … deserves to play to full houses night after night.”

– Morning Star


“You don’t need to know much about either Jane Fonda or the Vietnam War to enjoy Terry Jastrow’s new play examining the star’s infamous protests against the conflict that led to her being labeled ‘Hanoi Jane’ … engrossing … “


“… an indelibly passionate affair. The beauty of its execution is that this is a production with seven determined lead performances, each a driving force in Terry Jastrow’s powerful script. What Jastrow does is create a Jane Fonda that is wholly flawed, subdued, and lacking Hollywood pretense. This is theatre with a bold, bellowing voice.”

– The Edinburgh Reporter