The TRIAL OF GEORGE W. BUSH, written by Terry, is a novel set in the future wherein George W. Bush is put on trial at the International Criminal Court for War Crimes. Publication date August 1, 2017.


Terry in front of the ICC at The Hague.

“The TRIAL OF GEORGE W. BUSH takes a very clever and original premise and delivers on it. The novel presents the idea that presidents should be held criminally liable for the loss of lives in an unjust war. Though the book is fiction, it reads like fact. You are caught up in the events and the ethical dilemma they present. A rare novel that chews as much as it bites off— and then some.”

– Peter Lefcourt, best-selling author of The Deal and The Dreyfus Affair

“Terry Jastrow’s new novel is a riveting review of a controversial and sad period in American political affairs— the war in Iraq. Jastrow’s method of competing arguments reminds the reader of Socrates. The book is an engrossing drama well worth contemplating. Bravo!”

– Tom Dine, foreign policy expert on European and Middle East affairs and President, Radio Free Europe

“If hindsight is 20/20, what is foresight? A question posed existentially in a fascinating new book, The TRIAL OF GEORGE W. BUSH, written by Terry Jastrow. While the prosecution has the advantage of hindsight, the defense is restricted to foresight, and the reader must reconcile the two. The question becomes, what would you have done given the same circumstances? It’s a seductive question that makes the book a must-read. There is also a shock on the last page.”

– Bob Dowling, former Publisher and Editor in Chief, Hollywood Reporter

“Terry Jastrow’s brilliant, biting novel is a must-read for anyone who cares about international peace, war crimes past and future, and how justice can be delivered in unexpected ways. If you think you know how this story ends, start reading now!”

– Sarah Lovett, co author (with Valerie Plame) of New York Times bestseller Blowback

“Terry Jastrow’s terrific new novel, The TRIAL OF GEORGE W. BUSH, poses questions that need to be asked and debated. I won’t stop thinking about it for weeks, maybe months. It is the must-read book of the summer.”

– Catherine Bell, star of JAG, Army Wives and Hallmark’s The Good Witch

“Terry Jastrow’s The TRIAL OF GEORGE W. BUSH is a masterful blend of fact and fiction. A powerful story that entertains and edifies. Can the president of the United States ultimately do whatever he wants? Was Bush’s maverick decision to go to war with Iraq a foreshadowing of things to come? A perfect book for these unsettling times.”

– Terri Hanauer, film and theatrical director/screenwriter

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