In The Works

The People’s Games

The People’s Games (TPG) is a new brand of sport which provides an opportunity for the common man and woman to live out a dream of representing their family, neighborhood, and city in a big time sporting event against rival cities.

TPG recaptures the way sports used to be, when it was about heart and passion… when people played for “the love of the game”, not for money or fame.  Those who play in The Peoples Games must be current residents of the city, 18 years old or older, and never have played professionally in the sport for which they try out.

Competitors are selected by the fans in cooperation with noteworthy head coaches, through citywide signups, tryouts and competitions to create a team which represents the city population.  That city’s team competes against a rival city’s team, similarly comprised.

TPG will yield a huge amount of digital content. Initial distribution will occur via the major digital content providers such as TPG website and partner websites, i.e. YouTube, Hulu, Facebook, etc.

Here comes The People’s Games.