Terry Jastrow is a man of many interests and talents. He is a published novelist, award winning playwright in the USA & UK, and produced screenwriter. Recently he completed his screenplay, ANIMAL CRACKER, the story of a man who saved the animals in the Baghdad Zoo at the beginning of the Iraq War. Currently, he is about to publish his second novel, PAST IS PRESENT, about seven baby boomers coming of age in the year 1969, and finishing a new self help book, WAYS TO LIVE A BETTER LIFE.

During his busy life Terry has achieved/earned the following:

  • Nominated 17 times for Emmy Awards, won 7 Emmys.
  • Wrote & Directed The Trial of Jane Fonda, nominated for Best New Play in London (Off West End).
  • Wrote & Directed THE SQUEEZE movie, licensed by Golf Channel for 10 years.
  • Authored the novel The Trial of Prisoner 043
  • Became the youngest producer/director in network television history at age 22 (ABC Sports)
  • Producer/Director ABC Sports for 25 years, including 6 Olympic Games
  • Produced/Directed 62 Major Championships of Golf (US Open, The Open Championship & The PGA Championship)