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    You have the divine right to choose for yourself how to live your life. If anyone is keeping you from accomplishing your goals and living your dreams, you must recognize them immediately and do everything in your power to handle that person or consider removing them from your life. You alone can and should be responsible for your life—not somebody or something else. Much too much focus is spent on the negative aspects of life and very little on the many positive things. Simply put, if you think things are miserable, sure enough, they will be. If you regard the negative as not so important and seek to find the positive, you’ll discover life is not so bad—in fact, it’s pretty good—and you can make it even better if you try.

    THOUGHT IS BOSS, Reclaim Your Life provides 350 suggestions to help you improve your physical, mental and spiritual life in simple, practical and easy to do ways.

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    PAST IS PROLOGUE is a novel that chronicles the adventures of eight ethnically and politically diverse baby boomers as they struggle to come of age in 1969; among the most turbulent and transitional years in American history. Young people were determined to rupture the status quo and create a new life for themselves in stark contrast to, and in opposition of their parents. The principle characters are introduced separately and one-by-one meet and interact against the backdrop of mankind landing on the moon, the Stonewall Inn riots that gave birth to the LGBT movement, the Woodstock music festival, and unescorted women being kicked out of The Plaza Hotel in NYC. Late in the year, they all gather for the National Championship college football game during which a student uprising led by the principle characters brings about historic and permanent change.

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    On a day in the not-to-distant future, former President George W. Bush is abducted off a golf course by a team of paramilitary commandos and transported to the International Criminal Court in The Hague to stand trial for War Crimes of which he’s accused in connection with the Iraq War. The ICC had spent one year accumulating evidence sufficient to indict Mr. Bush as the single person most responsible for the war. Will he be found innocent or guilty, or would something happen to disrupt the administration of justice?

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