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About the Novel

Imagine a world where political leaders are held responsible for war crimes and/or crimes against humanity they may have committed. In The Trial of George W. Bush I explore what might happen if former President George W. Bush was formally accused by the International Criminal Court of crimes he may have committed during the Iraq War. Most are aware of the carnage and devastation caused by Bush’s war: Millions wounded or killed, trillions of dollars spent, and America’s reputation and standing in the world tarnished. To paraphrase an old saying, if we don’t remember mistakes of the past, we are liable to repeat them in the future.

What they’re saying…

“Jastrow’s method of competing arguments reminds the reader of Socrates. The book is an engrossing drama well worth contemplating. Bravo!”
– Tom Dine, foreign policy expert on European & Middle East affairs, President, Radio Free Europe

“Terry Jastrow’s brilliant, biting novel is a must-read for anyone who cares about international peace, war crimes past and future, and how justice can be delivered in unexpected ways.”
– Sarah Lovett, co-author of New York Times bestseller, Blowback, with Valerie Plame

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Terry Jastrow’s latest novel The Trial of George W. Bush is now available in audiobook format on Audible.

Length: 6 hrs and 34 minutes
Narrated by: Jim Meskimen
Release date: 12-14-21
Publisher: Skyboat Media

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